SIJA is located in Kumagaya city,
in Saitama Prefecture.


Saitama is in the Kanto region of Japan, which is the most populated region. It is the cultural, industrial, and business hub of Japan, and is famous for many things (not least of all, Tokyo!)

Kumagaya City


Kumagaya City is named after a samurai, Naozane Kumagai.  It has hot summers, and cool winters. The favorite sport of the city is rugby, and the favorite food is Japanese Udon noodles.

Located in central Japan, it is easy to travel out from Kumagaya using the high-speed Shinkansen train. However, it is not a big city, so the cost of living is reasonable. There are many interesting shops and restaurants to try in Kumagaya, so come explore!

Student Life


SIJA’S campus is located nearby the Hoshikawa river in central Kumagaya.  It is a 7 minute walk from the main train station, and a 5 minute walk from the local department store.  It is in a quiet area, which is a great environment to study.

Student dormitories are all located within a 10 minute walk from the school.  There’s more information coming soon about the dorms, so stay tuned!

Saitamaken, Kumagayashi, Honcho 1-214
住所: 埼玉県熊谷市本町1-214

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